Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This Just In

I know I just posted books I purchased from a few days ago, but my local library was having their annual book sale and fall festival this past weekend so I couldn't help but stop by and pick up a few things, right? It's totally guilt free shopping. (Except for that time when I said I would no longer be buying books for a few months... oops!).

Here is what I bought:

I honestly have no idea what these books are about apart from the descriptions on the inside covers.  A majority of these books seem to be about down and out characters that have to fight circumstances beyond their control to succeed in life.. I'm okay with that. 

Have you bought anything new lately?


  1. I loved the Chaperone! Enjoy all your new books

  2. Thank you! I had The Chaperone on my to buy list as soon as I heard about it. Getting it for a deal makes it even better.